Please read the following thoroughly before continuing to the General Chemistry Placement Test.

We want to ensure that you, a Whitman student who wishes to take General Chemistry, can enroll in a course that is best suited to your level of preparation. All students taking General Chemistry must take the placement test before registering. Students will have the opportunity to take the supplementary CHEM 111 course along with CHEM 125 if they demonstrate need. Students who demonstrate more advanced chemistry preparation on either this placement test, the Chemistry AP, or the Chemistry IB (HL) will have the opportunity to take the one-semester Advanced General Chemistry (CHEM 140). More details (course descriptions, prerequisites, etc.) are available in the course listings in the Whitman College Catalog. 

To take the placement test, you must follow the Google form link below and log in using your whitman email address. If you are in a location where access to Google is restricted, please contact Professor Nate Boland ( and we determine the best way to provide you with a copy of the placement test.

The placement test consists of two parts (A and B). Part A covers math skills and quantitative reasoning (20 questions) and part B contains typical chemistry concepts covered in high school chemistry courses (30 questions). You may only take this placement test ONCE, so please be prepared to complete the test in one sitting. You need ONLY pencils, scratch paper, and a calculator to complete the test. A periodic table and all relevant constants are provided. To ensure that you are able to take the course(s) that will best serve you, please do not use any other resources.

You may take as long as you wish to complete it. You must answer EVERY question in order to submit the test. If you are unfamiliar with a particular problem or don't remember how to solve it, please select either "I've never seen question like this before" or "I've seen this before, but forgot" instead of guessing an answer. It will allow us to better understand your level of preparation and provide you the resources you need.

As you begin each section of the test, you may scroll through the questions and answer them in any order, but you must answer all questions in that section before moving to the next section. You can move between answered sections and may change your answers at any time PRIOR to hitting the "Submit" button at the bottom of the test. Once you hit "Submit," your answers will be sent to the Chemistry department and the test will end.

Prior to registration the Chemistry Department will communicate with you and the register's office about which course(s) are most suitable for you. If you have any questions about General Chemistry, please contact Professor Tim Machonkin at If you have any technical questions about the placement exam, please contact Professor Nate Boland at We also encourage you to speak with your academic adviser prior to registration about how general chemistry fits into your academic plan.

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