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Learning Goals

Upon graduation, a student will be able to:

Major-Specific Areas of Knowledge

1. Meet nationally set standards in analytical, organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry.


2. Communicate scientific findings and information in graphical, written and oral format, both to technical and nontechnical audiences.

Critical Thinking

3. Apply chemical knowledge, intuition, and logic to interpret data and devise and defend solutions to real-world problems.

Quantitative Skills

4. Use appropriate mathematical, computational, and analytical techniques to solve chemical problems.

Research Skills

5. Work collaboratively, design experiments, and perform standard laboratory techniques to collect data.

6. Employ modern scientific literature search tools to locate, retrieve, and organize scientific information.

7. Identify and mitigate risks in a chemistry laboratory.

Beyond Whitman

8. Pursue career objectives in post-graduate education, industry, government, and other areas.

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