Campus resources of particular value to anthropology majors include the on-line Anthropological Literature database, the Eells Northwest collection, the College Archives, and numerous anthropological books and periodicals (all at the Penrose Library and the Anthropology Subject Guide), the Maxey Museum (historical and anthropological collections from around the world), the Hunter Multimedia Lab (for work in visual anthropology), and a wide range of foreign language course offerings.

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) also provides a wide variety of resources, including a career center, publishing style guide, and access to the newest publications in Anthropology.

The anthropology faculty also strongly encourage (and will happily provide information about) participation in any of the many excellent off-campus study programs with which the College is affiliated (either for a semester or a whole year, typically during the junior year). Domestic and international summer field schools in archaeology and cultural anthropology are also popular with our majors.

Looking for more resources and ethnographies? Check out the Essential Readings in Anthropology list.