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Learning Goals

Upon graduation, a student will be able to:

Major-Specific Areas of Knowledge

Understand how anthropological theory has developed over time and how this changes perception of human social and cultural diversity.

Have a familiarity with all four sub-disciplines of anthropology and how each specialization contributes to an understanding of human social and cultural variability.

Critical Thinking

Critically assess issues involving human physical and cultural evolution and appreciate how these contributed to the development of contemporary diversity across the globe.

Analyze central aspects universal to culture such as kinship, gender, ritual and religion, exchange, and language, and how such aspects vary across time and space.


Organize in-depth research on anthropological issues based on collected field data or literature searches, and creatively, expressively, clearly, and soundly write reports.

After College

Develop a strong foundation for acceptance into graduate schools to continue towards a career in the field of anthropology.


Bring broad perspectives to discussions outside of Whitman that deal with the state of the human condition, whether within the local community, the nation, or in global affairs.

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