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Anthropology Students Going Global

Alissa Berman ’24

Alissa Berman“While studying abroad in Ecuador, I conducted research in the southern Andes in Cuenca and surrounding small towns, a region with high levels of migration. I worked with an organization called the Centro de Bordados Cuenca (CBC), a cooperative of 35 women from small towns based in Cuenca. The women embroider, knit, and crochet, and sell their products to mostly international clients. CBC encourages self-sufficiency among women with little to no education, economic prospects, and high levels of domestic violence by providing employment. I found that their efforts to build community and economic independence amongst the women mitigate some of the effects of migration and domestic violence” —Alissa Berman

Theo Delmonaco ’24

Theo Delmonaco

“With heritage from Carbajales De Alba, Spain, I am lucky to be close with the “Quintos” ritual. This week-long experience weaves cultural identity for each villager throughout many generations. Tirelessly gathering hearty oak before the New Year, the nineteen-year-old Quintos caravan their way to the Plaza Mayor and light a tremendous bonfire on the last night of the year. I am attempting to unravel this captivating story through an anthropological lens. This is my thesis!” —Theo Delmonaco

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