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Whitman Collection

The House on Sylvia Street - coverJudy Bordeaux ’70 has written The House on Sylvia Street: 30 Years, 300 Medically Fragile Foster Children, and a Whole Lot of Sock Monkeys, a nonfiction book of humor and hard truths, shadowing a year in the life of a career foster mom and the seven medically fragile foster children and young adults in her house.

Changing the Game - coverJoanne L. Goodwin ’71 has published her second book, Changing the Game: Women at Work in Las Vegas, 1940-1990. Continuing her research on the economies of women in the 20th century, the book captures the shifting boundaries of women’s employment in the postwar decades with narratives drawn from the Las Vegas Women Oral History Project. Their strategies for economic survival and success offer a sharp comparison to the clichéd images of working women in Las Vegas.

Re-Run - coverTony Markey ’90 published his first book at the end of 2014. Re-Run: My 30-Day Experiment to Fall Back in Love with Running, chronicles his 30-day plan to get ready to run a half-marathon, filled with rookie challenges and insights.

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