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Doing the Work

The Whitman Inclusion Task Force Moves from Research to Action

As the nation grapples with social and racial unrest, Whitman College stands committed to providing an equitable and diverse learning and working environment for all.

In June 2020, to address issues of equity and diversity facing the Whitman community, President Kathleen Murray appointed Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Thomas Witherspoon as chair of a 14-member task force, composed of faculty, staff, students and members of the President's Cabinet.

The Whitman Inclusion Task Force's mission: Develop an action plan that would create meaningful and measurable improvements in the campus climate.

"Our community, like our nation, is imperfect. But we will continue to work to make it better," Murray said.

Based on the task force's final report, the college has committed to more than 30 action steps based on overarching strategic goals, including:

  • Recruit, retain and support a diverse population of community members.
  • Build and promote community, inclusion and belonging.
  • Train the campus community on cultural competencies.
Published on Nov 20, 2020
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