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Craig Gunsul, professor of physics, emeritus, who teaches first-year Core, is apparently a man of many personas — Shakespearean actor, gunslinger, ’70s cop, big-game hunter — as depicted in drawings in the Doodle Art exhibit in the Stevens Gallery in Reid Campus Center this winter. Artist Sam Alden ’12, of Portland, Ore., is in Gunsul’s Core class. “I think Professor Gunsul was my muse because he’s such a recognizable character — he’s got that mustache and those glasses, and that lovable curmudgeonly exterior. And he’s a good professor. I mean, Monet had water lilies, you know. I guess I have Gunsul.” The professor’s reaction to his student’s artwork? “I think they’re hilarious.”

Shakespear Gunsul Wizard Gunsel 70s Cop Show Gunsul
Gunslinger Robo Gunsul Safari Gunsul
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