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Feature Section: Harper Joy Theatre

fight scene Opening night, “Romeo and Juliet” (2009). One of more than 500 opening nights in HJT history. An hour and a half before curtain, cast members of “Romeo and Juliet” run through a fight scene: left to right, Jeremy Howell ’13, Peter Richards ’10, Erin Terrall ’11 and Yoni Evans ’13. Opening night photos continue below.

Sword safetyDirector Christopher Petit, right, has a final talk about sword safety after a fight rehearsal
Adam CaniparoliAdam Caniparoli ’10 applies makeup in a basement dressing room
JulietAnastasia Higham ’11, “Juliet,” still in her curlers, waits while a lighting cue is set
RomeoAlex Cassidy ’10, “Romeo,” runs through a scene as final lighting adjustments take place
Crowd While the actors prepare behind the scenes, a crowd gathers in the HJT lobby in anticipation of the opening curtain.
Actors wait Actors wait for the show to open

Flowers Anastasia Higham ’11, left, and Lara Spengler ’10 receive flowers from a classmate in England while prepping in the dressing room. Amanda Arriola ’12 works on Higham’s hair

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