In order to afford employees immediate and effective attention in the event of an injury, Whitman College offers First Aid/CPR training to all interested employees. Classes are made available as needed at no cost to employees.

First aid kits are available at locations throughout campus. Employees should familiarize themselves with the location of kits in their assigned work area(s). Managers are responsible for restocking and refreshing their first aid kits after use and at least annually.

First aid may be provided by employees on a voluntary “Good Samaritan” basis. For their personal safety first aid providers should follow these guidelines:

  • For serious injury, or if you’re unsure of the extent of injury – CALL 911.
  • First Aid trained employees[1] may perform or ask other trained employees or bystanders to administer assistance until medical aid arrives.
      Employees are not required to render assistance unless stipulated in their job description.
  • If medical assistance is required
  • Do not move any materials or equipment, or otherwise alter or disturb the accident scene unless necessary to prevent further injury or death.
  • Avoid skin contact with blood and other body fluids by letting the injured person help as much as possible, and by using gloves and available barriers.
  • Remove and bag clothing and personal effects contaminated with blood or body fluids.
  • Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Launder contaminated clothing separately at home using soap and bleach, borax, or peroxide based stain remover (i.e. Oxyclean).
    • Employees may dispose their contaminated clothing and personal effects at the Welty Health Center.
  • Employees may seek medical attention from any licensed healthcare provider for the initial visit. Follow-up care must be provided by an L&I network provider.
  • The Bloodborne Pathogen protocol shall be implemented if applicable, including
    • post exposure evaluation; and
    • follow-up treatment.
  • Notify Environmental Health and Safety of an accident as soon as possible by phone or email.
  • Employees complete and submit an Employee Accident Report form. All others (eg students, visitors) complete an Incident Report Form.

[1] Wilderness Medical Institute, American Red Cross, or equivalent