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Laboratory Safety Notebook

Each laboratory and art studio should have a Laboratory Safety Notebook. At a minimum, each notebook should include:

  • Completed Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • Laboratory/Art Studio Safety Inspection Form completed within the current semester
  • Procedures involving hazardous materials and/or equipment approved for use in the lab/studio
    • May cite publically accessible literature sources or procedures notebook in lieu of inserting hard copies (procedures notebook must be accessible to all lab occupants and emergency responders; must be legible and written in English).
    • Teaching labs may insert current semester syllabus in lieu of inserting hard copies of procedures.
  • Copies of Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for all chemicals present in the lab, or instructions for how to access SDS/MSDS information through Whitman’s subscription to MSDOnline
  • Copies of manufacturer supplied equipment operating manuals or equivalent information if no manual is available for:
    • Scientific instruments
    • Medical devices
    • Cleaning equipment used by lab staff and students (i.e. brush washer, cage washer)
    • Power tools (fixed and portable)
    • Electrical test equipment
    • Heating devices (torches, soldering guns, heat guns, etc.)
    • Ovens and water baths
    • Other equipment unique to the laboratory/studio
  • Spill Cleanup Guide

Other safety information should be included in the Laboratory Safety Notebook for labs where animals and potentially infectious materials are present.

  • Animal use labs should insert procedures for safe handling of animals, and instructions for what to do in case of injury to animals and injuries caused by animals
  • Labs where potentially infectious materials are present (BSL-1/BSL-2) should include procedures for safe handling and deactivation of organisms, and proper waste disposal
  • Labs where human body fluids are handled must adhere to the Whitman College Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan, have employees and participants complete the necessary monitoring and evaluation steps detailed within the plan, and keep the plan accessible within the laboratory at all times

Prudent Practices in The Laboratory

GHS Labeling Information - This information generously supplied by WAXIE Corp.

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