In the event of an off-campus accident involving Whitman College students, faculty, or staff the following plan will be implemented. For the purpose of this plan, all Whitman College students, staff and faculty injured or involved in an accident will be referred to as participants.

The President will designate a team of administrative personnel to act as the “Campus Response Team”. The team will consist of, at minimum, the President or designee, the Treasurer or designee, a representative from the Communications Office, The Director of the Counseling Center and the Security Director. The President’s Office will be designated as the “Command Post” for Campus Team operations.

The President will designate a “Location Response Team” comprised of the Dean of Students, The Director of Communications and the Safety Coordinator or their designees. Additional team members may be necessary depending on the number of participants involved. The Dean of Students will be the “Location Team Leader”.

Team responsibilities are as follows:


  • Assess the situation. Develop a plan of action, inform necessary personnel and assign tasks as situation requires.
  • Mobilize Location Team.
  • Treasurer establishes emergency budget number to pay for expenses related to the accident.
  • Contact hospitals for information on participants’ status, and notify “Location” team is en route. Provide hospital with insurance information as needed. CFO or designee will coordinate insurance coverage information for families
  • Mobilize Health Center for access to participants’ medical records and primary insurance information as needed.
  • Provide files from Dean of Student’s office on all participants involved in accident. Gather family information for notification if necessary.
  • Provide updated information to “Location” team prior to their arrival on scene.
  • Brief support staff members at Offices of Dean of Students, Communications, Residence Life, Treasurers Office, Presidents Office, Counseling Center, Health Center, Security and Campus Information. Advise how and where to direct inquiries.
  • Provide 24 hour phone coverage during initial crisis. Ensure calls to President’s Office, Treasurer’s Office, Counseling Center, Health Center, Dean of Students Office and Communications Office have been transferred to a phone number or numbers which will be answered by an on -call member of the Campus Response Team.
  • The Dean of Students or his designee will notify families of accident and the condition of participants as soon as all reasonable efforts to confirm information and identities have been made.
  • Arrange transportation and lodging for families if needed.
  • Contact Governing Board members and/or Alumni for immediate assistance at scene of accident and in areas where families are located. Contact Admissions Officer in Seattle in the event of participants being transferred to Seattle area hospitals.
  • Notify Director of Physical Plant. Request vehicle maintenance records. Brief Physical Plant staff as to probable cause of accident.
  • Director of Communications or his designee will respond to all media inquiries.
  • Determine how and when to notify campus community.
  • Identify follow-up procedures for participants after their return to campus.
  • Greet and debrief participants as they return to campus. Notify participants of services available through the Dean of Students Office, Health Center and Counseling Center.
  • Meet with and debrief “location” team members when they return to campus. Conduct post-response evaluation.
  • Send appropriate Thank-you notes to all (i.e.: hospital staff, community members, emergency personnel ) who provided assistance.


Meet at the Office of the Dean of Students for briefing. Pick up response kit prior to departure. Kit will include:

Calling card # Off Campus Accident Response Plan
Phone tree Copy of Trip Roster
List of cell phone #’s Whitman College ID badges
Credit card Insurance information reference cards
$500.00 cash Participant status forms
Campus Directory Clip boards
  • Location team will have access to a minimum two vehicles.
  • Upon arrival at location, team will meet for briefing of updated information.
  • Establish central location (command post). Team leader will be stationed at this location.
  • Confirm names, location and condition of participants involved. Team members will relay information to Team Leader, who will notify Campus Team and will complete Participant Status Forms. Information regarding the situation and status should come only from the Team Leader and only after confirmation has been made.
  • Assign at least two Whitman College representatives to each hospital at which injured participants are being treated.
  • Assist arriving family members.
  • Provide for needs of participants i.e. phone calls, food, clothing, lodging.
  • Arrange transportation for participants to return to campus when appropriate.


Safety Coordinator will serve as a member of the location team. When situation has stabilized, Safety Coordinator will:

  • Interview participants involved in accident when situation and circumstances allow.
  • Obtain name and agency of investigating Officer. Contact for general description of accident.
  • Request exact location of accident.
  • Request copy of Officer’s report.
  • Obtain location of vehicle, if the situation involves a vehicle accident.
  • Visit scene of accident. Take photos if possible.
  • Arrange to see vehicle. Take photos if possible.
  • Retrieve personal possessions of participants if possible.
  • Complete written summary of accident. Relay to Campus Team for distribution to appropriate Administration members.
  • Compile information for report to insurance carrier.


  • Digital Camera – memory cards
  • Notebook and pens/pencils
  • Tape measure/ruler
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Extra batteries
  • Laptop computer