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Alert others: Yell Loudly!  Pull nearest alarm

Evacuate:  Close all windows and doors as you leave. Turn off lights.  Be sure everyone in your area has left.  Check restrooms.  Assist anyone who is disabled, if possible to the nearest area of refuge.  If area is full of smoke, stay low to floor and exit as quickly as possible.  Don’t use elevators.

Report it:  Dial 911.

Extinguish:  Attempt to put out the fire only if it is very small.  Use a fire extinguisher.  Do not attempt to extinguish a grease fire or electrical fire with water.

If trapped: Close off area, stand near a window, and signal for help by hanging a piece of clothing or material out the window.

Stay out:  Do not re-enter the building until given permission to do so by the Fire Department.
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