Be aware of persons in your area with special needs (i.e. impaired vision, impaired hearing, and impaired mobility).

Alert them to the emergency (i.e. inform hearing impaired of the alarm) and give assistance is asked.

Persons with impaired mobility have four basic options for evacuation, in the following order:

Evacuate using building exits to the outside at ground level, or go to an unaffected wing of multi-building complexes.

Evacuate to an “area of refuge” away from the area of danger.  The area of refuge is a predetermined location on each floor of each building.  The person should go to the area and notify emergency personnel of their location.  Emergency personnel will determine if further evacuation is necessary.

Stay in place unless danger is imminent; remain in a room with an exterior window, a telephone, and a solid or fire resistant door.  Call 911.  Report your location.  If the phone lines fail, signal from the window by waving a cloth or other visible object.

Evacuate using steps to reach ground level

NOTE: Trained professionals should conduct stairway evacuation of wheelchair users.   Only in situations of extreme danger should untrained people attempt of evacuate wheelchair users.

Immediately notify emergency personnel of the precise location and needs of individuals with disabilities who need assistance with evacuation.