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On-Campus Venues


Many plays and musical performances take place at Whitman's outdoor amphitheatre. It's also a wonderful place for studying or quiet reflection. A gently sloped grass seating area for 200 looks to the stage below.

Baker CenterBaker Center

Home to the Alumni Relations and Annual Giving offices, Baker Center offers a main floor that can fit up to 70 for a lecture or 40 for a banquet style event. Dining services are offered during the academic year to faculty and staff members and their guests.

Cordiner Hall InteriorCordiner Hall

Cordiner Hall is the main Auditorium for the Whitman campus. The building is used for ceremonies, speeches, and performances. With total seating for 1,384 guests, Cordiner can be used for a variety of events and event types.

Hall of Music interiorHall of Music

The Hall of Music features Chism Recital Hall, a 300-seat performance space, as well as a 150-seat rehearsal hall, listening center, an electronic music studio, 14 teaching studios, and 25 practice rooms.

Hall of Science classroomHall of Science

Home of Whitman's Natural Sciences, the Hall of Science includes the Brattain Auditorium, a roof-top garden, a greenhouse, an astronomy observation lab and state-of-the art science equipment such as a scanning electron microscope and confocal microscope.

Hunter Conservatory - Kimball AuditoriumHunter Conservatory

Hunter Conservatory houses the 75-seat Kimball Theatre as well as various Whitman faculty offices. Hunter also includes several classrooms with seating ranging from 14–20 people available for rentals.

Maxey AuditoriumMaxey Hall

Home of the social sciences, Maxey Hall offers many smart classrooms with seating ranging from 15–55 people. Maxey also has an Auditorium with seating for 340 and a museum space.

Mill Creek CabinMill Creek College Cabin

Whitman College maintains a small two-bedroom cabin on 30 acres along Mill Creek approximately 20 miles from campus. The cabin is available for rental for $50 per night for students, alumni, faculty and staff. Arrangements for the cabin can be made through the office of Conferences, Events, and Scheduling.

Olin Hall auditoriumOlin Hall

Olin Hall is home to Whitman College's Mathematics, Computer Science, and Humanities departments. Olin Hall also offers the Sheehan Art Gallery and an Auditorium. The building includes many smart classrooms with seating ranging from 15–55 people available for rentals.

Reid Campus Center

Whitman College's Campus Center is one of the hubs of campus life. It has a café, an espresso cart, a TV lounge and more. The Bookstore, Outdoor Program Rental Shop, Stevens Art Gallery and the Campus Post Office are all located in Reid, as are several administrative and student offices. There are several meeting spaces in Reid outlined below.

Café 66

Cafe 66Reid Café 66 is a banquet-style dining area serviced by Bon Appétit. The area seats 125, and is a common dining option throughout the day for students.


CoffeehouseCoffeehouse is in the basement of Reid, and is often used by students for small meetings, studying, and events. The coffeehouse offers a stage and seating for 125.

Conference Rooms

Conference RoomThere are four meeting rooms in the Reid Campus center that can accommodate 14–45 guests. Depending on the number of guests your event or meeting will have, we can direct you to the best room for your needs.

Young Ballroom

Young BallroomThe Reid Campus Center houses the Young Ballroom, often used for concerts, dinners, lectures and a variety of other events. It can seat up to 350 for a lecture-type event or 300 for a seated dinner. The ballroom can also be divided into two separate rooms to accommodate multiple events and specialty requests.

Have questions or interested in a location not on this list? Please contact the Office of Conference, Events, and Scheduling
Email: reservation@whitman.edu
Phone: 509-527-5366

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