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Summer Conference Services

During the summer months Whitman College opens its residence halls and campus facilities to guests participating in professional conferences, youth athletic camps and various seminars and programs. With a campus nestled in a beautiful residential neighbor in the middle of Walla Walla and just off Main Street, Whitman College is the perfect location for your summer program.

Sun-soaked summers and wide open outdoor recreation. Dynamic, historic downtown. Vibrant arts, music and culture. Renowned fine dining. Sincerely friendly people. And of course, world class Walla Walla wines. If you're looking for an ideal getaway, it's hard to beat the Walla Walla Valley.—Brian Hunt, Walla Walla Union-Bulletin

Located in beautiful Walla Walla, Wa, Whitman College offers an ideal location for your summer programs. Whether you're looking to host a one day event or a prolonged overnight conference Whitman College Summer Conferences is here to work with you. We host programs of all sizes and industries and provide a distinctive experience for your participants.

For information on hosting a program or conference at Whitman College please contact the Office of Conferences, Events and Scheduling at (509) 527-5366 or send question via email. Non-profit/501c3 status and proof of event liability insurance required.

Come spend the summer with us in Walla Walla!

*Summer 2023 season rates below are charged per person.

  • Single occupancy: $63/night
  • Double occupancy: $46/night

Each residence hall room includes a twin bed, desk, bed side table and closet. Linens are provided to all conference guests staying on campus unless declined by the conference organizer. Linens provided include 2 sheets, a blanket, one pillow and pillow case and towels. Fresh linens are provided for groups staying more than 5 days. Our housing facilities are not air-conditioned. We suggest bringing your own alarm clocks, fans, hangers, and reading lamps. As most bathrooms are shared facilities, you may also wish to bring a bathrobe and shower shoes with you.

Take a tour of one of our residence halls.

All food on campus is prepared from scratch by Bon Appetit, the premier onsite restaurant company known for its culinary expertise and commitment to socially responsible practices. All dining hall meals during the summer are served in the Prentiss Dining Hall. Bon Appetit is happy to accommodate food allergies and requests for our summer conference guests.

Bon Appetit also offers extensive catering options for our summer conference guests if you would like to highlight your program with a grand reception or a lunch featuring a guest speaker. For more information on catering please visit Bon Appetit catering.

Dining hall meal rates

*Rates are charged per person and do not include WA state sales tax.
Rates coming soon! Please contact the Summer Conference office with questions.


Conference guests staying on campus will be issued a key to their residence hall room as well as a guest swipe card for access into the facilities needed for program activities and their residence hall. A lost room key will result in a $500 charge and a lost guest swipe card will result in a $50 charge. 

Internet access

Conference guests will have access to free wifi internet access while attending their program. Whitman also offers numerous computer labs, equip with PC and Mac computers if needed for your program. Please contact the Summer Conference office ahead of time to arrange for their use during your program.


In case of an emergency, call 911. In case of a non life threatening, on-campus emergency, call Whitman Security at (509) 527-5777.


The Whitman College post office is open Monday through Friday during the Summer Conference season. If you wish to receive mail during your program, it should have a clear return address and be addressed as follows:

Your Name
Program or Group Name
Whitman College
345 Boyer Ave
Walla Walla, Wa 99362

If you wish to ship conference materials to Whitman before your program please contact the Summer Conference Office via email or phone (509)527-5366 to arrange your shipment. Shipments more than 2 weeks in advance of programs are not permitted. 


All guests must comply with state and federal laws with regards to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Guests 21 years and older are permitted to consume alcoholic beverages privately in their rooms. 


There is no charge for parking on Whitman College’s campus. We ask that all summer program guests park in legitimate spaces and not in fire lanes and loading zones.


Pets are not allowed in any building on campus, including residence halls. Animals that assist our disabled guests are the only exception to this policy and should be cleared through the Summer Conference office prior to arrival. 


Smoking is prohibited in all campus buildings and within 25 feet of any doorway/windows. 


It is a violation of college policy to use, possess, or distribute any illegal drug or controlled substance including marijuana—while legal in small amounts for those 21 and over in the State of Washington (in private spaces), marijuana is not allowed, in any form, on campus. The College may apply disciplinary procedures to students who abuse these substances.

Office Information
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