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The Deferred Payment Plan is available by request for Fall and/or Spring semester. It allows you to spread your tuition, ASWC fee, room and board expenses, less your Financial Aid, over four months each semester. The payment plans are legal contracts which include 5% annualized interest, plus a $25 origination fee per semester. You may estimate your payments below. If you decide you would like to make payments, instead of paying in full by our tuition deadline, please ask us to draft these contracts at least a week before the deadline.


1) Please type in the total amount of financial aid you expect to receive for the the upcoming semester (not annual) that includes loans, grants, and scholarships.

2) Then, check the box if you're living on campus.

Expected Financial Aid: (This should NOT include Work Study.)
Are you living on campus?

Balance to pay
with interest for Fall:
Balance to pay
with interest for Spring:
Fall Estimated
Monthly Payment:
Spring Estimated
Monthly Payment:

Note: this estimate is based on full tuition and is NOT accurate for students paying per credit in their final semester. Please contact us for an estimate.

The amount of expected interest assessed to Spring semester is slightly higher than Fall because there are more days in that semester. Payment Plans are assessed a 5% annualized interest, but the term is only four months. Interest charges are assessed based on your actual daily balance at the end of each calendar month.