Main Student Account (AR)

This account is used for tuition, room and board, class fees and miscellaneous charges accrued by using your Whitman ID card to purchase things on campus. Finance charges are assessed monthly on balances over $100.

Student Accounts will mail paper bills twice a year. The first, our Annual Invoice, is mailed in June, with estimated costs for the entire school year, and includes estimated financial aid. This invoice will allow you to calculate the payment amount needed to clear your account for final registration for Fall semester.

Please complete the 'Account Authorization' item on, so that we can discuss your account details with your parent(s), guardian, or other designated person. You'll need to give us their full name, and relationship to you.

*** Fall semester 2018 payment is due August 15, 2018 ***

We send another paper billing for Spring semester in mid-December. This one is a semester statement of account. The statement is forward-dated to include charges for the upcoming semester's charges, estimated financial aid credits, if applicable, and a payment amount needed to clear the Business Office Hold on Registration. You will receive this paper billing statement if you have preregistered for classes prior to December. Payment is due after the New Year's holiday, approximately two weeks before the first day of class. Though the campus is usually closed during Winter Break, we will receipt payments and process mail during this time.

*** Spring semester 2019 payment is due January 2, 2019 ***

If you would like a copy of these paper billings to be sent to a second address, please complete the Duplicate Billing Request form and return it to our office.

During the term, we notify students via email, once a month, of their account balance if there is an amount due. These notification emails will be sent around the fifth of the month starting in October for Fall semester, and February for Spring Semester. There will be no email in June and December, as we will be sending paper statements to home addresses via the US Postal Service for our Annual Invoice and Spring semester billing.

Our email notices will include the amount due as well as a link to our payment website. We currently only have the capability to send reminders to students at their Whitman email address. Please forward these emails to anyone who helps you manage your expenses. For those who wish to have a detailed list of charges that created the amount due, the reminder email will include instructions for accessing and printing your statement at This online statement is 'live' and is updated as soon as items are posted/processed in our office.

Here's how to get to your account statement:

  • Log in at with your user name and password. This site works best in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • After logging in, click on the “Student Account” item in the left menu.
  • Enter a start date and select "Main Student Account" (one of three account types); if no start date is entered, you will get all the transactions from the time you first started at Whitman. Then click “View Statement.”
  • To forward a copy of your online statement via email, use the “Print” icon at the top of the page (not the print function in your browser) to print to a PDF document.

Your preregistration may be delayed for a coming semester if you have not completed loan paperwork, or made arrangements with Student Accounts to cover an amount due. You may not finalize your registration for the current term until the previous term's balance is paid in full.

Payment Plan (PP)

If you have asked Student Accounts to draft a four-month "Deferred Payment Plan" to pay your tuition over time, the agreed upon amount is moved from your Main Student Account to this one. By signing the Deferred Payment Plan Promissory Note, you agree to make four, equal, monthly payments; the first is due on the Tuition Due Date, along with the signed contract, in order to clear your Business Office hold at the beginning of the semester. The remaining three payments are due on the 15th of each subsequent month. There is a $25 set-up fee each semester, for this service, and finance charges are assessed on a monthly basis. At the end of the fourth month of the agreement, any balance owing, or any credit balance from an overpayment, will be moved to your Main Student Account.

Students who have Deferred Payment Plan contract will receive a separate "payment-reminder" email for this account during the months that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th payments are scheduled (September, October and November for Fall semester contracts; and February, March and April for Spring semester contracts).

Tuition, the ASWC fee, room and board charges are eligible to be financed in this manner. Charges for course fees, books, and FLEX dollars are not included in a payment plan agreement. Payment Plans are offered for Fall and Spring semesters.

Payment Plan Calculator * Request a Payment Plan

Rental Accounts (TER, CFR)

These accounts are for Off-Campus Whitman-owned properties, typically rented by upperclassmen. Find a list of properties and more information on this housing option, here.

Closing your Student Account

When you graduate or withdraw, the Student Accounts Office checks with campus departments for any final charges to your account. Then we move your $300 Enrollment Deposit to your Student Account, hopefully covering any remaining amount-due. If your Student Account balance was over $300, we will send you a final billing statement by regular mail.

We strive to work with our students as much as possible. If you leave school, or graduate, with a balance owing, please contact us to work out payment arrangements.  

If you have a credit balance (overpayment) on your account at the time you leave Whitman, we will refund that balance to you, and close your Student Account. This refund will be sent as an e-check, direct deposited to your bank account, if you are signed up for this service. Otherwise, we will mail a paper check to your home address. Please contact us to discuss other options for this refund.   

If you have made an international payment to your Student Account using Flywire, your final refund will be sent via Flywire, back into your bank account in your home currency.

IRS Form 1098-T

This tax credit form is created after the end of the calendar year. All students are given an electronic form accessible on, as well as the option of a hard copy form mailed to their home address. They may change their selection of electronic-only, or a paper form, during each registration period. This is one of the items on their Registration check-list.

Students will be notified by email before the end of January each year once the current year's form is available, and given instructions to access it. All students will have continued access to this form, and prior year's forms, on, while they remain a student.

Beginning in 2018, the IRS is requiring institutions to report Paid Tuition and related expenses in Box 1 of this form. Box 2 reporting will no longer be allowed.

Congressional legislation makes certain educational payments eligible for income tax credits. It may be advantageous for your tax purposes to ensure that your payment is made one calendar year versus another. For additional information you can review IRS Publication 970, "Tax Benefits for Education," by visiting As we are not tax advisors, please contact a tax consultant with any tax questions you may have. We will be reporting payments and qualified expenses only as directed by the IRS.

If we do not have your Social Security number on file, we may not be able to generate this form for you. Please contact us to make sure we have your SSN on file. If we don't, please complete the W-9S form and return it to our office to ensure you receive this form.

These forms are generated for US citizens only. For information on similar tax issues for international students, please contact the Intercultural Center, or Laura Nix.

Other Services

Order paper checks and bring them with you to school, especially if your bank does not have a branch in Walla Walla. The Business Office will cash personal checks made out to currently enrolled students for amounts up to $200. So if you'd like to avoid the ATM fee, come write us a check instead. Or if you receive a birthday check, we can cash it for you! Please write your Whitman ID number on the face of the check.

Need something notarized? We have a notary in our office.

Have a lot of coins? We have coin rolls! Please have your coins counted and separated before you come in.

Need to break that twenty dollar bill? We can make change for you.