Mileage Reimbursement Rate

2019 is $0.58 per mile

2020 is $0.57.5 per mile

Minimum Wage

2019 is $12/hour          

2020 is $13.50/hour

OPE Rate Effective for FYE 06/30/19 is 39%

Bon Appetit Charges

Whether you’re using the catering department, the cafe or the dining halls, Bon Appetit needs to know the account number to charge for the service they are providing. If you’re not sure what account to charge, ask your department/divisional administrative assistant/secretarial staff or access the chart of accounts by clicking on General Ledger then General Ledger Accounts Excel File . All Bon Appetit charges go against a services account (5200 object code). If you’re using the catering service, it is best if you e-mail Teresa Maddess ( with all pertinent information including the 14-digit account number. If you’re using the cafe or the dining halls, please be sure the Bon Appetit staff writes down the correct account number.

If you think Bon Appetit has over charged you, please contact Erica Peters-Grende (5508). If you need to correct the account number that was charged or need to see the invoice back-up, contact Susan Brown (5592).

Payroll Dates

Faculty and staff are paid the last banking day of each month. This includes the Friday after Thanksgiving, but excludes federal holidays.

Helpful Documents

Manual for the copier on the main floor of Memorial