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Faculty/Staff Rental Properties

Whitman College owns a total of 17 rental units that are available to the faculty and staff of the College. If you are interested in information regarding these units, please contact Off Campus Rentals in the Whitman College Trust Office.

116 Merriam  Occupied
136 Merriam Occupied
222 Fulton Occupied
232 Stanton Occupied
363 Linden Occupied
411 Cypress Occupied
541 E Alder Occupied
14 Merriam Occupied
131 Otis Occupied
171 S Park Occupied
219 Marcus Occupied
416 Cypress Occupied
709 N. Main Occupied
216 Stanton Occupied
222 Stanton Occupied
531 E Alder Occupied
Tami Higginbotham
Accounting Coordinator for Trust and Rental Property
Heidi Higginbotham
Rental Property Maintenance Technician

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