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Poster Session

1 to 2 p.m.

Posters - Cordiner Hall Foyer

Geneva Scharff - Using RNA Interference to Create Gene Knockout Plants

Morgan Dienst - Systematic Model Building of the Active Site of Carbon Monoxide Dehydrogenase

Ross Kendrick - Enhancing Epoxy Polymer Mechanical Properties Through Reinforcement With Graphene and Graphene-Based Compounds

McKenzie Momany - Dengue in Puerto López, Ecuador: the Incidence and Level of Knowledge of the Townspeople about a Deadly Mosquito-Borne Illness

Danielle Wilson - New Photometry and Ages for Ko 1 and Ko 2

John Whiting - Glacial Morphology and Hydrology on Linnébreen, Svalbard

Madeleine Coleman - IL-1 Production in Mouse Astrocytes

Rachel Reiter - The Function of PIRL2, PIRL3, and PIRL9 in Pollen Development in Arabidopsis thaliana

Nicholas Pellatz - Synthesis and Characterization of Tb-Doped Rare Earth Garnet Nanopowders

Brian Raftrey - Cellular Mechanism of Coronary Artery Development

Michele Evertz - The Volcanic Sediments of Lookingglass Creek: a Regional Correlation

Jordan Benjamin - A New Clinical Guide to Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Snakebite in Sub-Saharan Africa

Phi Phan - Organochlorine Pollutants in Remote Northwest Alpine Lakes

Kathryn Collins - Reproductive and Propagation Strategies in Noxious Weed Bohemian Knotweed

Kendell Gilmore - Too Much of a Good Thing: Overexpression of PIRL9 in Arabidopsis thaliana

Michael Lollini - Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Jung Song - Direct Observation of Chlorinated Organic Pollutants on River and Lake Sediment

Thomas Haffner - Evaluation of ISBER Best Practices for Biorepositories

Elizabeth Peterson - Reducing Tibial Shock in Female Distance Runners

Lori Mendelsohn - Investigation of the Link Between p27 Localization and the Progression of HER2+ Breast Cancers

Stanislav Walmer - Novel Classes of the 26S proteasome

Jonathan Ruffin - Measurement and Modeling of Thermal Contraction of Protein Cryoprotectants

Gus Friedman - Developing a Chemical Remediation for Carbon Monoxide Pollution

Stacey Rosenzweig - Creating a Fluorescent Probe for ROS1 Rearrangements in Lung Cancer

Julianne Masser, Alyssa Roberg and Grace Birkenbeval - Examining Answer-Until-Correct Feedback With Partial-Credit Scoring in a College Classroom Setting

Kelsie Helberg - Tracking Mouse Frontal Cortex Projections to the Basal Ganglia and other Oculomotor Regions Using Anterograde Tract Tracing

Erin Carnahan - Diminished Self-Importance: How Feelings of Inclusion and Exclusion Damage or Bolster Self-Concept

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