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National Public Lands Radio Podcasts

1 to 2 p.m.

National Public Lands Radio Podcasts - Cordiner Hall Balcony

Semester in the West students bring their field experiences to life in short audio podcasts and one film documentary short.

Allison Bolgiano - Linking Vulnerabilities: Environmental and Emotional

Cathryn Klusmeier, Sam Hinkle, Chase Martin - An Eclectic Character

Nevé Baker - Wolf Wars: an End in Sight?

Kari Paustian - Bigger Isn't Always Better: Draft-Powered, Organic Farming in Northern New Mexico

Ysabel Diaz - Connecting with a Landscape

Keenan Hilton - Thinning Conflict: Collaborative Approaches to a Natural Resource Economy

Libby Fones - Brainier than Bacteria?

Jenni Doering - Self(ish)-Preservation: The Ways We Need Wilderness

Marijke Wijnen - Climate Change, Beaver and a Hairdresser

Collin Smith - La Cienega de Santa Clara: A Wastewater Oasis in an Era of Climate Change

Aviva Prager - Quantifying Energy

Grayson Carlile - Looking Beyond Imperfection

Claire Meints - Zooming Out to Climate Change


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