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2021 Whitman Undergraduate Conference

The 23rd annual Whitman Undergraduate Conference took place on April 13, 2021, a celebration of the research, scholarship and creativity of Whitman students.

This year’s virtual WUC was a reminder that necessity affords opportunity. Poster presenters and audience members gathered in a simulated Cordiner Hall to share research interests. Panel session presentations in Zoom rooms included live question-and-answer rounds after each prerecorded PowerPoint talk. 

The college’s “Race, Violence and Health” academic theme this year has captured and challenged the Whitman community through guest lectures, fresh curriculum, collaborative and independent research projects, and diverse student initiatives. This year’s WUC included three full panel sessions on RVH themes.

The conference also featured panel sessions dedicated to Computer Science projects and Psychology studies. Three prerecorded musical events complemented the panel and poster sessions. 

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