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Honors Theses, 1986-2023

Theses since 2014 are available online through Arminda Collections.












  • Kathryn Witmer, Icarus falling : the neoconservative war in Iraq and the end of “benevolent global hegemony”
  • Lauren C. Moscovis, Here we remain, the struggle continues : a comparison between two Zapatista movements in Mexico
  • Sally Boggan, A world apart : U.S. foreign policy toward Vietnam and Cuba under the Kennedy administration




  • Liam G. Nance, Tending her “Good Townspeople” : order and the role of one noblewoman in nineteenth-century France
  • Seth Conrad Bergeson, Creating the character of colonial prisons : Senegalese strategies of resistance, 1886-1939
  • Margaux Anne Faris-Merkert, Witchcraft and power in apartheid South Africa
  • Michelle Marie Saperstein, Conversations with God : ungendering the medieval mystic (1050-1450)


  • Patrick Forrest Herman, Mutinous negotiation : professional British sailors and the Great Mutinies of 1797
  • Daniel J. Scalise, God, food, and family : Italian community and identity in Walla Walla 1876-1930
  • Kelsey Leigh Krumdieck, Youth and the counterculture : Haight-Ashbury and the summer of love
  • Marianna Symeonides, “Beautiful as an angel, and dumb as a basket” : feminine performance and power in the Affair of the Poisons
  • Charles Spencer Wittmann-Todd, English society and the prison : 1750-1850
  • Anne Shelby Conners, The industrial workers of the world : a radical imagining of American nationalism


  • Michael E. Woods, A sublime example to our erring countrymen : Kentucky's conservative unionism and its civil war experience
  • Matthew B. Colley, Constructing authority : J.R. Jayewardene, historical narratives and modern Sri Lankan politics
  • Christopher Jackson Juergens, American popular attitudes toward Nazi Germany : 1933-1939


  • Julia Swan, The Anti-Vietnam War Movement And The Counterculture In Seattle, Washington
  • Ian Michael Robertson, The Antithetical Other: Ideology And American Involvement In Vietnam
  • Lindsey M. Burton, Between Fame And Infamy: Bluestocking Education And Influence In Eighteenth-Century Britain
  • Lucy Palmersheim, Challenges To Feminism: Sorority Girls, Women Vietnam Veterans, Nuns, And The Women's Movement
  • Mary Alice Fellman, The Sexual Characterization Of Livia And Agrippina Minor
  • Sarah Fergusson, A Woman's Right: Margaret Sanger's Leadership And The Birth Control Movement


  • David A. Young, The Evolution Of The American-Israeli Alliance, 1948-1973
  • Christopher Sall, Hope And Uncertainty: Jimmy Carter, Foreign Policy, And China
  • Jaclyn Jean Jenkins, Setting Behavioral Precedent : Divorce In Umatilla County, 1865-1889


  • Marie Christine Hoguet, Just Wounded On Our Behalf: Reclaiming The Memories Of September 11
  • Kai Breshem, USAID In Africa, 1961-1981


  • Laura Alexandra Ritter, Forging A Special Relationship With The State Of Israel: United States Foreign Policy From Eisenhower to Nixon
  • Amelia Marie Holeman, From Coroner To Medical Examiner?: Continuity In The Face Of "National" Change
  • Annelise Marie Heinz, From Romantic Friendships To Unnatural Tendencies: The Changing Boundary Of Female Friendship And Sexuality, 1890-1940
  • Alexandra K. Gesheva, Imposing Macedonia: Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia And The Production Of National Identity
  • Erin Elizabeth Gettling, Know All Men By These Presents: Gender, The Washington Commonwealth Federation, And The Seattle Labor Movement, 1936-1945
  • Hilary Jeanne Dorsch, Unity Within Diversity: The Motherhood Debate In The German Feminist Movement, 1870-1914


  • Mark Reid Lanning, We Can't Be Kicked Around: The United States Foreign Policy In Chile In The 1960's And 1970's


  • Mollie Eileen Lewis, The Changing Diaspora: Jewish Immigration To Argentina And Cuba, 1890-1930
  • Nathaniel Boone Sampson, Franklin D. Roosevelt And The Battle Over Neutrality: Pursuing Peace And Security Through American Foreign Policy in the 1930’s


  • Vanessa Walker, Building A Lasting Peace: Jimmy Carter's Legacy Of Human Rights In American Foreign Policy
  • Nicole Lea Madsen, Contested Identities: Contesting Power Representations Of Prostitutes In Great Britain And The United States, 1858-1917
  • Malia Beth Renner, Slaves Of Custom, Creed, And Sex: Woman's Rights And Abolition In The Antebellum Period


  • Jason Lee Lindenburger, Bricks In The Wall: Native American Education In The Pacific Northwest, 1834-1920
  • Krista Louise Lussenhop, The Demise Of The Ideology Of Domesticity: The Critiques Of The Radical Feminists
  • Julieanna Elegant, Discontent, Revolution And Republic: Student Ideology And Influence In Iran
  • Tammy M. Sittnick, Forged In War: U.S.-Free French Diplomatic Relations During World War II And Its Influence On The Postwar Reconstruction of Europe
  • Emily C. Harris, Free At Last: The Evolution Of The Strategies And Rhetoric Of The Civil Rights Movement
  • Andrew Richard Jerome, Tudor Rebellions Of The North: The Consequences Of Centralization In Sixteenth Century England


  • Aukjen Tadema Ingraham, Henry Weinhard: Portland's Elusive Founding Father
  • Gayle S. Christensen, The Media Speaks: A Portrayal Of The Decision To Unify Germany
  • Derek J. Michael, The Mission In The Valley: The Americanism Of Marcus Whitman
  • Andrea Leigh Hamilton, Postwar Economic Reconstructions: A Comparison Of The Marshall Plan And The Dodge Plan, 1947-1952
  • Amy Lee Portwood, Wake up America


  • Debra Lynn Olson, Changing role of women in reformation society in England
  • Dorothy Anne Copeland, Struggle for modernity : Francisco Franco's role in the development of Spain
  • Catherine E. Brooker, The small farmer, religion, and politics : social constructions of community in eighteenth-century Virginia
  • Stefanie Marie Starkovich, Weaving the threads of our cultural heritage : immigrant experiences in the Walla Walla Valley
  • Andrew Kristianson, The origins of dispossession : a comparison of native resistance and dispossession in Tasmania from 1824 to 1834 and Washington Territory from 1848 to 1858


  • Jessica L. Pehoski, The Black Death and the psychological impact on fourteenth century Europe, 1347-1351


  • Sara Andrina Munson, Whitman College and the tradition of women’s higher education, 1882-1924
  • David Albert McClusky III, Precedence, precepts, and pressure : William O. Douglas and the elections of 1940 and 1944


  • Shawn Adrian Ross, The Roman civil wars to the death of Sulla : a study in the failure of republican self-determination


  • Jean Tobin, The aesthetic protest : poetry of the Harlem renaissance & the black arts movement of the 1960s
  • Mark Ryan Burles, Dean Acheson : the origins of the frustration and failure of his policy in China
  • Keith Hand, Oregon state and reconstruction issues, 1865-1868
  • Kyra L. Nourse, When wicked queens ruled : an assessment of the precedent for the power of Cleopatra VII through the examination of the careers of Hatshepsut of Egypt and Olympias of Macedonia


  • James Lee Meadows, The Massachusetts fifty-fourth regiment : an analysis of northern and southern press coverage
  • Sam Collins, Public pressure and Catholic emancipation in Britain : 1828-1829
  • Kelly M. Cannon, Dura lex sed lex = The law is hard, but the law : women and law England, 1150-1450
  • Benjamin Garrett Lenhart, American postwar foreign policy and the Church committee


  • Joseph Michael Ahern, Seattle Washington and the struggle for black equality
  • Brian James Els, Whitman College and the postwar transition : 1919-1923
  • Nancy Enneking, An examination of the construction and decoration of Egyptian mortuary temples as a means of reconstructing various aspects of Egyptian history and society
  • Natalie Marie Fousekis, Frank Church, the senate and the Vietnam War (1963-1968)


  • Danielle K. Hart, John F. Kennedy's Alliance for Progress : the broken promise
  • Kimberly Maureen McKaig, Whitman College and the Great Depression
  • Michael Thomas Zoretic, “I will not remain silent” : Senator Henry M. Jackson and détente
  • Lisa Ann May, Walla Walla : a frontier town in the Civil War


  • Emily Barton, The transformation of the civil rights movement during the Johnson administration : 1963-1968
  • Michael A. Schwartz, Medieval medicine and the 12th century renaissance : the birth of a rational medical system
  • Alice Berschauer, The twelfth century renaissance and the cult of the Virgin Mary
  • Matthew J. Hiefield, World War II and Walla Walla Washington (1941-1943) : challenges, problems, and change


  • Joseph Patrick Bennett, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin : an historiographical comparison
  • Aaron Patrick Forsberg, Republican foreign policy toward Europe, 1921-1925
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