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History Department

History is more than the study of the past. It is an encounter with the cultural possibilities that human beings have confronted over time. The History Department at Whitman encourages that encounter through:

  • A rigorous, multidimensional curriculum that exposes all students to global and comparative perspectives on different regions, eras and methodologies.
  • Close interaction between students and professors whose scholarly interests range from ancient to contemporary issues and events.
  • Courses on the histories and cultures of countries and regions across the world, including Europe, Africa, East Asia, the Americas, the Islamic World, and the Ancient Mediterranean.
  • A relationship with more than 100 study-abroad programs worldwide that offer a further dimension to historical study.

Through their exploration of history as a comparative and collaborative endeavor, our majors are prepared for a wide variety of careers, including law, medicine, secondary and higher education, international relations, librarianship and numerous other areas as rich and varied as the study of history itself.

The History Department is excited to announce a new position in Indigenous Histories of the North American West. 

Department of History
345 Boyer Avenue
Walla Walla, WA 99362 

phone 509-527-5798
fax 509-527-5026

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