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Islamic World

Fall 2024

This course will examine the rise of Islam as a religion and as a political and cultural system, from the time of Muhammad (sixth century) to the early Ottomans (15th century). Attention will be given to Islamic dynasties and states from Central Asia to Spain, and to the spread of Islamic religion and culture to South Asia and Africa. Themes will include the interaction of nomad and sedentary societies, dissenting groups and minorities, relations between Muslims and Europeans, slavery and social organization, and developments in science and literature. The format will include lecture and discussion. Readings will include primary and secondary sources. Written work will include several response papers, a final exam, and participation in an e-mail class discussion list.

Prof. Neggaz, 4 credits, TTh 10-11:30am

-Fulfills Cultural Pluralism and Social Science distribution and SAMES requirements.

-History major: premodern history; Cultures & Ideas; Empires & Colonialism; Before Modernity

Spring 2025

No Courses Offered

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