Jeremy Howell is Percy: who plays Gauthier Ralph, British Consul, Director of Police, Priest, Sir Francis, Judge Obadiah, Chinese Broker, Ship Clerk, Bunsby, Proctor, Engineer, Mudge, Fisherman, Speedy, Ship’s Stoker, Train Clerk. Zach Simonson is Marty: who plays Andrew Stuart, Detective Fix, Priest, Indian Conductor, Elephant Owner, Young Parsi, Oysterpuff, U.S. Conductor, Reverend Wilson’s Servant. Nik Hagen is John: who plays Passepartout and John Sullivan. Kelsey Yuhara is Billie: who plays James Forster, Newsboy, Priest, Aouda. Chris Reid is Matt: who plays Phileas Fogg. Rich Hinz is the Custodian.

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