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Current Productions

Announcing our 2023–2024 season!



A Winter's Tale
Directed by Dr. Laura Hope

February 29–March 3, 2024
Alexander Stage

The jealous king Leontes falsely accuses his wife, Hermione of infidelity, with his best friend, and she dies. Leontes exiles his newborn daughter Perdita, who is raised by shepherds for sixteen years and falls in love with the son of Leontes’ friend. When Perdita returns home, a statue of Hermione “comes to life”, and everyone is reconciled. Some critics consider it one of Shakespeare’s “problem plays” because the first three acts are filled with intense psychological drama, while the last two are comic and supply a happy ending. 

One Act Play Festival
Student directed, overseen by Professor Alex Higgin-Houser

May 2–5, 2024
Freimann Studio Theatre

Students who enroll in the fall semester Playwriting/Write Performance THDN-330A will be invited to submit original scripts for production. This festival is endowed by Physics Professor Emeritus, Craig Gunsul. Three Plays are selected by a jury consisting of students, faculty, and members of the Whitman community. The plays are entirely produced by student actors, designers, directors, stage manager, and technicians.  

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