Fall 2022

History 218: Africa to 1885

This survey course provides an introduction to the history of Africa from its earliest days, to 1885.From this vast swath of time, select examples will be used to examine Africa's internal workings as well as its engagement with the wider world. Emphasizing continuity amidst change, the course's major themes include migration, trade systems, religious and cultural change, and the methods of studying the distant African past. The course is designed for first- and second-year students with no previous exposure to African history. Assignments include written examinations, short papers, and a map quiz.

Prof. Woodfork, 4 credits, MWF 10:00-10:50am

-Fulfills Cultural Pluralism and/or Social Sciences distribution and Race & Ethnic Studies requirements.

-History major: pre-modern history; Cultures & Ideas; Before Modernity

History 319: Women in Africa

This course will analyze the diversity of experiences of women in Africa, focusing on how religious practices, colonialism, work, and social class have impacted their lives. We will examine how people construct and reinforce notions of gender and how women function in social systems such as the family. We also will study issues concerning reproduction and the control of the bodies of women and girls. The goal is to restore women to the history of Africa, looking at them not as accessories to the historical process, but as veritable actors and agents of change. A research paper and its presentation to the class are required.

Prof. Woodfork, 4 credits, TTh 1:00-2:20pm

-Fulfills Cultural Pluralism and/or Social Sciences distribution and Gender Studies requirements.

-History major: modern history; Social Justice

Spring 2023

(No Courses Offered)