This fund was established through the will of Mary L. Bierman (Aunt of Professor of History Emeritus Walter Weingart), for lecturers to speak on the history of the American West.

16 Feb 2017: Douglas Monroy, Colorado College. “Nightmares and Dreams of Immigrants: How the New World Border Changes Who We Are and Where We Are.”

7 April 2016: Kate Brown, University of Maryland, Baltimore County. “Making Utopia and Building Disaster: Nuclear History from Hanford to Chernobyl”

15 Oct 2015: Anne F. Hyde, Colorado College. “The Blue Flower and the Account Book: Writing a History of Mixed-Blood North America"

5 March 2015: Elliot West, University of Arkansas. "Before Lewis and Clark: Three Lives."

12 Nov 2014: Eric Avila, UCLA. “Chocolate Cities and Vanilla Suburbs: Race, Space, and American Culture After World War II”

17 April 2014: Monica Perales, University of Houston. “Lessons from Smeltertown: Lead Contamination, Public Health, and Collective Memory on the U.S.-Mexico Border”

3 Oct 2013: James F. Brooks, School for Advanced Research. "Cycles of Evangelism in the Southwest Borderlands."

11 Feb 2013: Richard White, Margaret Bryne Chair of History at Stanford University. "Wealth and Equality: Modern America, the Gilded Age, and the Purpose of an