The Emmons Glacier, Mount Rainier, Regional Geology Fall '15. Photo by K. Pogue.

Regional Geology

All geology majors, combined majors, and minors are required to take Geology 358 (Regional Geology). Each semester the department takes a four day field trip an area of geologic interest in the Northwest. Students taking Geo 358 are required to write a paper summarizing the geology seen on the trip or take a test on the material. Other students can (and do) go on the trips for the field experience (Geo 158) and are graded on their field notebooks. Most students attend these trips as often as possible for the experience, but also because they are a lot of fun! Valuable field skills are learned on these trips that cannot be taught in the classroom. As a result of this type of learning experience, as well as the many field trips taken in labs, Whitman geologists tend to excel in their later endeavors at field camps and graduate schools.

STUDENTS: Dates and Location of regional trips are announced at the beginning of each semester. Trip logistics are handled by the Geology Technician. If you are interested in going you must register for Geo 358 or 158 online AND notify the Geotech that you will be attending.

Please become familiar with our department's policies regarding field trips. These apply to all Whitman Geology field trips, but you can find a special section related to Regional Geology and other overnight trips.

Recent Regional Geology Field Trips
Academic YearFall SemesterSpring Semester
2006-2007 North Cascades, Washington Oregon Coast
2007-2008 City of Rocks, Idaho Central Oregon
2008-2009 Newberry Caldera, Oregon Steamboat Rock, Washington
2009-2010 Glacier National Park, Montana Hells Canyon, Idaho/Oregon
2010-2011 Mt. St Helens, Washington Oregon Coast
2011-2012 John Day, Oregon Steens Mountain, Oregon
2012-2013 Newberry Caldera, Oregon City of Rocks, Idaho
2013-2104 Steamboat Rock and central Washington Owyhee, Oregon and Jordan Craters
2104-2105 Okanogan Highlands, northern Washington  Central Oregon
2015-2016 Mount Rainier, Washington Oregon Coast
2016-2017 Central Oregon TBD