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Keck Geology Consortium

Whitman's Department of Geology is a member of the Keck Geology Consortium. This consortium consists of geology departments at 12 liberal arts colleges scattered across the United States. The main sources of funding for the Consortium come from the National Science Foundation and each of the Consortium colleges. The Consortium sponsors approximately 7 field projects each summer. Most of the research projects are located in the United States, but recent projects have also occurred in Mongolia, Iceland, Dominican Republic and Western Canadian Arctic. A typical project has 3 professors and 10 students in the field for 4-5 weeks.

Applications are due at the beginning of spring semester. Most of the research projects are designed for geology majors following their junior year. Sometimes projects are offered for students following their sophomore year. Approximately 15% of the student positions are reserved for minority students.

Results of the student research are presented in poster format (required) or an oral presentation (optional) at an annual symposium held in the Spring at one of the 12 colleges. The professors and students from all the summer projects gather to discuss their research and go on a field trip.

The expenses of participants are paid for both sophomore and junior projects. Students may receive a stipend after their summer work project depending on the expenses of their project. The Keck Geology Consortium provides unusual opportunities for students and faculty from different schools to gain meaningful field and research experiences.

Information about the Keck Consortium projects, including applications requirements and application forms.

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