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Student Research

Geology Majors have myriad opportunities to pursue research during their undergraduate career. While not required, it is highly encouraged, and can provide the basis for a student’s Senior Thesis. Participating in research can help students cement laboratory and field skills, and increase their confidence in the application and integration of geologic concepts.

Students in Yellowstone National Park mapping channel morphologyStudents pursue research most often in conjunction with a member of the Geology Faculty, or through a number of affiliated summer research programs, most notably the Keck Geology Consortium. Recent student research projects have explored topics such as stream morphology changes during recent massive flooding in Yellowstone National Park, the characteristics of olivine weathering in Hawaiian beach sands as it relates to carbon capture, and  ………

Student Uses Scanning Electron Microscope

If you are interested in pursuing research while studying geology here at Whitman, don’t hesitate to speak with geology faculty about research opportunities. Faculty can help you explore opportunities that align with your academic interests and assist you in meeting your goals.

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