The Computer Science Computer Labs

The Computer Science Computer Labs, located in Olin 124 and Olin 228, consist of two labs containing 46 networked computers running the Linux operating system Ubuntu.  The system is networked, meaning that a student may log into any of the machines and have access to all his/her files. Remote access capabilities are also available to every student should they need to access the lab off-site. 

Currently available to all students, in addition to the usual Ubuntu applications, are Spyder (a Python integrated development environment), Brackets (a text editor), Android SDK (a systems development kit for android applications), Maple (a computer algebra system), and Matlab (a numerical mathematics environment), R (for statistics), and LaTeX (a mathematics word processing package) with TeXmaker.

During the week, there are typically introductory programming courses that are taught in the lab.  In the evenings and weekends, we have student assistants available. Schedules are typically posted on the entrances of each lab. 

Phone: 5884 (Olin 124) / 2019 (Olin 228)