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Mathematics Computer Lab Information

The Mathematics Computer Lab

Located in Olin Hall's second floor Room 207, the Mathematics Computer Lab consists of 24 networked computers running the Linux operating system (Ubuntu).  The computers are connected to a central storage server so that users may log into any Linux workstation in Olin Hall and have access to all of the files they've saved within their user account's folder.

During the week, the lab is primarily used for some courses, primarily in statistics, mathematics, and data science.

This Lab is a great place to hold instruction and presentations as it houses a projector and 2 LCD displays which all are able to mirror the lecturn computer's screen. Alternatively, the lab is able to switch the projection's source to a guest laptop computer if the presenter does not wish to use the lectern computer.

The software on the lab computers includes the usual Ubuntu applications, Maple and Mathematica (computer algebra systems), Matlab (a numerical mathematics environment), R (for statistics), and LaTeX (a mathematics word processing package) with TeXmaker.

For help with the Whitman Math Lab, please contact the Instructional Learning Technologist for Mathematics and Computer Science at csmath.ilt@whitman.edu

Phone: 5883

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