Student Learning Goals

Students graduating with a major in Gender Studies will demonstrate:

A. Knowledge of Gender Studies methods and content in the following four areas:

    1. History,
    2. Humanities,
    3. Social Sciences,
    4. Theory,
    5. Global Context;

B. Understanding of and the ability to apply gender theory from the following perspectives:

    1. Feminist theory,
    2. Queer theory,
    3. Men and masculinity studies;

C. Knowledge and appreciation of human diversity, and an understanding of the role of intersectionality in the gendered realities of human life;

    1. The ability to write clearly, expressively, and creatively;
    2. The ability to discuss and verbally defend academic ideas;
    3. The ability to apply Gender Studies theories to new problems;
    4. Knowledge of different approaches to a single issue within Gender Studies;
    5. Adequate preparation for graduate-level work;
    6. The ability to apply critical perspectives on gender and sexuality to situations beyond the context of Whitman College.