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Technology Services Initiatives

The WCTS Technology Experimentation Fund

This fund provides faculty members and instructional staff with "just in time" seed money to experiment with software and hardware for their pedagogical and/or research needs. This funding differs from annual budget requests in that there are no application deadlines. Applications are evaluated and funded on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the funding allocated to this initiative is depleted, those seeking funding will be asked to reapply the following fiscal year (which begins in July).

Following the period of experimentation, recipients who seek continued funding for technology purchased through this fund will generally be expected to pursue such money from other sources, such as their department's annual college budget request.

Proposal examples:

  • A single software license to explore its potential use in teaching or research.
  • Multiple copies of software for immediate use by students in a lab.
  • A tablet(s) for exploring in-class applications.
  • Audio recording equipment for making field recordings, with the intent of seeking future funding for additional equipment should initial work prove successful.

How to apply:

To apply for funding, please write a short one-page proposal. Please include:

  • Type(s) of technology.
  • Timeframe for experimentation/implementation. It is preferred that the timeframe extend no longer than 12 months.
  • Costs, including description of other sources of funding, ongoing and/or future costs, etc. In the spirit of this fund, requestors should express why their departmental budget can not currently support the purchase. Proposals cannot exceed $1,500.
  • Articulation of the idea: justify the request by describing the nature of the experiment with software or hardware, how it might benefit curricular and/or research agendas, what individuals and/or departments will use or benefit from the software or hardware.
  • Method of evaluating experiment's efficacy.
  • Support: Do impacted individuals or departments support the proposal? If the request is granted, how can/should WCTS staff support the experiment?

Send your application (or questions) to David Sprunger, sprungde@whitman.edu.

Application review process:

Applications will be reviewed by AITAG and WCTS staff. The review process will evaluate proposals based on the quality of the description and rationale provided. As a first-come-first-served fund, and with the intent of providing funding quickly, applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis, except between semesters, when reviews will be less frequent.

End of experiment evaluation:

To help evaluate the Technology Experimentation Fund project, fund recipients will write a one-page summary of their experiment. In addition to describing results, the summary should indicate whether or not next steps will be taken and why.

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