Office of the CIO

The Office of the CIO provides institutional leadership, management, planning and budgeting for the Information Technology resources of the College. In addition, the CIO reports to the Provost and CFO and works closely with campus leadership to promote IT solutions that enhance teaching, learning, research and administrative functions.

  • Dan Terrio

    Chief Information Officer

    Technology Services 109
    (509) 527-4981
  • Ronnelle Partlow

    Executive Assistant to CIO

    Technology Services 108
    (509) 527-5415

Client Services

Client Services is your first point of contact for desktop support and technology questions. We cover the Help Desk and Library Tech Desk, hardware and printer support, purchasing, and general lab maintenance. With the assistance of fantastic student consultants, we are here to assist you with your technology needs. Give us a call - The Help Desk consultant will answer your question or forward your inquiry to the subject expert.

  • Robert Fricke

    Director, Client Services

    Technology Services 107
    (509) 527-4980
  • Jerry Clifton

    Endpoint System Administrator/Senior Hardware Technician

    Technology Services 105N
    (509) 527-4978
  • Kevin Harmon

    Endpoint System Administrator

    Technology Services 105M
    (509) 527-4979
  • TBD

    Client Services Consultant

    Technology Services 105A

Enterprise Technology

Enterprise Technology works in concert with the other IT groups and offices around campus to maintain and enhance a great number of systems, services and business processes at the College. We are the group behind the Colleague ERP and its reporting services, myWhitman and CLEo. If you have a question, concern, or idea about the services we offer, you can contact us at

  • Mike Osterman

    Director, Enterprise Technology

    Technology Services 125
    (509) 527-5419
  • Barbara Barlow

    Senior Programmer/Analyst

    Technology Services 105G
    (509) 527-4977
  • Eric Hamilton

    IT Data Specialist

    Technology Services 105J
    (509) 527-4941
  • Rich Hinz

    Developer, Application Support

    Technology Services 105H
    (509) 526-4712
  • Ocean Liu

    Enterprise Web Developer

    Technology Services 105F
    (509) 527-4973
  • Peter Means

    Enterprise Web Developer

    Technology Services 105E
    (509) 527-4975
  • Ian Quorn

    Database & System Administrator

    Technology Services 105D
    (509) 527-5927

Information Security

  • Linc Nesheim

    Information Security Officer

    Technology Services 124
    (509) 527-5852

Instructional and Learning Technology

The Instructional and Learning Technology group introduces, helps maintain, and collaboratively envisions technology that augments or enhances teaching and learning at Whitman. We take a broad view of how technology can do this, engaging with faculty and students in the use of technology that is "simple" (e.g. basic word processing) and "complex" (e.g. virtual reality applications). Our activities include: partnering with faculty on technology components for a class assignments and grant proposals, maintaining technology-enhanced learning spaces, and supporting audio-visual needs for events. Want to learn more? Please contact us!

  • David Sprunger

    David Sprunger

    Director, Instructional and Learning Technologies

    Technology Services 106
    (509) 526-4762
  • Bryan Lubbers

    Instructional and Learning Technologist, Div I

    Maxey 139
    (509) 527-4799
  • Dustin Palmer

    Dustin Palmer

    Math and Computer Science Technology Specialist

    Olin 126
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  • Peter Shultz

    Instructional and Learning Technologist, Div III

    Hall of Science 104
    (509) 527-5997
  • Michael Simon

    Instructional and Learning Technologist, Div II

    Technology Services 105I
    (509) 527-4760

Instructional Multimedia Services

The Instructional Multimedia Services (IMS) is a component of the Instructional and Learning Technology group with focus on providing multimedia resources and support to the faculty, students, and staff of Whitman College. In addition to equipment checkout, setup, and operation, IMS also maintains smart classrooms across campus. Equipment checkout is located in Hunter Conservatory room 202. General inquiries should be emailed to

  • Jon Loney

    Manager, Instructional Multimedia Services

    Technology Services 105P
    (509) 527-4972
  • Charles Marr

    Instructional Multimedia Technology Office Assistant

    Technology Services 105P
    (509) 527-5257
  • Tristan Rupert

    Consultant, Instructional Multimedia Services

    Technology Services 105B
    (509) 527-5417

Technology Infrastructure

  • Kevin Kelly

    Director, Technology Infrastructure

    Technology Services 123
    (509) 527-4974
  • Mike Hubbard

    Networking Manager

    Technology Services 105K
    (509) 526-4705
  • Roger Morales

    Networking Technician

    Technology Services 105L
    (509) 527-5782