The WCTS Information Security Office (ISO) provides strategic and tactical planning for a risk-based approach to managing IT security topics across the Whitman College computing environment. The ISO provides guidance and assistance in information risk management to support a secure campus IT environment including the discovery and recommendation of security solutions and developing security policies, procedures and standards. These functions also include planning, oversight, and coordination for data integrity and privacy, disaster recovery, network security, and security incident response.

Reporting a Security Concern

If you believe data or passwords have been compromised (or could be compromised) please contact your immediate supervisor and/or:

WCTS Information Security Office      WCTS Help Desk
phone:  509-527-5852 phone:  509-527-4976
email: email:

These pages will serve as a clearing house for information relevant to the environment and documentation that supports open, safe, and secure computing at Whitman College.

Please review the current Policies and Standards  for the Information Security Policy, the Access, Authorization, and Authentication Standard, the Data Classification Standard, the Password Policy, and the Security of Personally Owned Devices.

College-sponsored Information Security Awareness Training is available via

Additional  IT Security-related information can be found in the WCTS Knowledge Base  such as:

Multi-Factor Authentication

Cloud Storage Guidelines

Secure File and Text Exchange

Encrypting Folders and Files (Windows)

Encrypting Folders and Files (Mac)

Creating Secure Passwords

Phishing Emails

GTempAccount Notices