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Assessment & Evaluation of the classroom and teaching

The following books can be found on the shelves outside of the Center for Teaching and Learning.

  • Braxton, John M. and Alan E. Bayer. (1999). Faculty misconduct in collegiate teaching. Baltimore, Md.: Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Lyons, Nona. (1998). With portfolio in hand: Validating the new teacher professionalism. New York: Teachers College Press.
  • Seldin, Peter. (1995). Improving college teaching. Peter Seldin and Associates. Bolton, MA: Anker Pub. Co.
  • Seldin, Peter. (1997). The teaching portfolio: A practical guide to improved performance and promotion/tenure decisions. Bolton, MA: Anker Pub. Co.
  • Seldin, Peter. (1999). Changing practices in evaluating teaching: A practical guide to improved faculty performance and promotion/tenure decisions. Bolton, Mass.: Anker Publishing.
  • Seldin, Peter. (2002). Administrative portfolio: A practical guide to improved performance and personnel decisions. Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing Company.
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