A-Team = admission team. These student volunteers are ambassadors who advise and assist the Office of Admission with outreach to prospective students and families.

What is the funniest experience you have had on a campus tour?

There’s one RA whose room I usually show. I know her really well, so one time I assumed she was in class and began showing her room to a tour. All the sudden, Sunni sits up in the bed and mumbles, “hello” and tells us to enjoy her room, then rolls over. I felt so guilty and just babbled something to the group about how nice everyone is here. — Anna Conrad ’13

On one tour during the springtime I had a parent ask me if the grass was watered. I couldn’t help but laugh and replied that yes, in fact, the grass is watered and that we actually have an eco-friendly water-recycling program for our sprinklers. It may not have been funny to him, but I chuckle to this day whenever the sprinklers turn on. — Talia Gottlieb ’11

What do you find rewarding about being on A-Team?

Being able to give honest perspectives to prospective students and hopefully helping their college search experience be more enjoyable and less stressful. — Anna Conrad ’13

I love the feeling that I convinced a student who was on the fence to come to Whitman. After a recent tour I talked to an admitted student for about half an hour in Reid Campus Center, and I could sort of tell that he was really excited about Whitman and that all my answers to his questions were right. It’s incredibly rewarding to see my love for Whitman transferred to prospective first-years since I love it here so much and want others to feel the same way. — Alex Brott ’13

Being able to positively influence the incoming classes and to shape the Whitman community for years to come. — Brian Wakefield ’11

I really love it when I finish a tour and feel like there’s a strong possibility that I’ve influenced these kids’ decisions about the next four years of their lives. — Emma O’Rourke-Powell ’13

A-Team is rewarding simply because it allows me to share Whitman with so many people. To see them smile as friends greet me, admire the beautiful campus, or respond enthusiastically to an interesting quirk about the college — I can’t help but feel tremendous pride. Every time I give a tour I am reminded why I decided to come to Whitman. — Talia Gottlieb ’11