La Montagne des Justes

Patrick Henry, Cushing Eells professor of philosophy and literature and professor of foreign languages emeritus, with the assistance of translator Hélène Trocmé-Fabre, has published his latest book, “We Only Know Men: The Rescue of Jews in France during the Holocaust,” into the French language.

Printed with the title, “La Montagne des Justes” (“The Mountain of the Righteous”), the work will be published by Editions Privat in Toulouse.

Henry is working on another book titled “Jewish Resistance to the Nazis,” to be published in 2012 by Catholic University Press.  This collaborative work includes contributions from 23 international sources, including those from Europe, Israel and Canada and targets to address the reality of Jewish resistance in the occupied countries, the forests, the ghettos and the camps.  

“The aim of the book is not only to put to rest definitively the myth of the Jews going passively to the slaughter like sheep, but also to explain why different types of resistance occurred in some places but not in others. Resistance will be conceived of as armed resistance, rescue, and all attempts by Jewish people to fight the dehumanizing project of the Nazis,” Henry said.