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Meet Our Whitties is an occasional feature produced by the Office of Communications. It features a Q&A with students from across Whitman College.

A portrait of student Alexa Lim.Alexa Lim '22
Millbrae, California

What brought you to Whitman?
I read about Whitman in the "Colleges that Change Lives" book. I wanted more access to the outdoors and Walla Walla is well-known to be a beautiful place. I also wanted a smaller school because I want to be involved. I also saw that Whitman had good reviews on Niche.com.

What is the best class you've taken so far?
Political sociology is my favorite class. The course description is, "What is power and what forms does it take?" We've talked about a lot of broad topics concerning government and groups of people. It inspired me to think about things I hadn't realized. It helped me realize that I need to have an opinion - it challenged me to form an opinion.

What do you like to do for fun?
I'm on the cross country team. I also participate in Quarter Life, which is the literary and art magazine on campus that gets published four times a year. It has a cool alternative energy and I like the people.

How do you connect with the Walla Walla community?
I'm involved with Campus Climate Coalition. We find out what we can do on campus to help the overall environment, like food recovery. We take leftover food and connect with organizations in town who can use it.

What's your go-to meal at Cleveland Commons?
Either the salad bar or the tofu curry at the global counter. It's really good. The naan and other sides are really good and filling.

What do you want to do after Whitman?
I know that I want to spend my time with things concerning environmental and social issues. I want to do good. I'll find something!

What's your favorite thing about being a student at Whitman?
There's a really good energy here. The students are focused in school but not in a detrimental way - in a supportive friendly way. It's just really beautiful. Also, we're going to West Yellowstone for Thanksgiving for a Nordic ski trip. It only costs $45 for the whole week and all the equipment. Student life is pretty great!