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Meet Our Whitties is an occasional feature produced by the Office of Communications. It features a Q&A with students from across Whitman College. 

A portrait of Aisha KimbroughAisha Kimbrough '19, Worthington, Minnesota"

What brought you to Whitman?
I wanted to go to a private liberal arts school that had the academic space to explore different subjects and disciplines. I also like to engage with professors on a more intimate level.

What do you like about Walla Walla?
I like Walla Walla because it's a vibrant town! In some ways it reminds me of my hometown - the feeling of community. I stay engaged. I participated in the women's march and I tutor children in Spanish at Green Park Elementary School. Even though it's a small town, there's a lot of community engagement.

What do you do for fun?
I like going downtown and hitting up a coffee shop and checking out new restaurants. I like wine tasting too. I just like exploring Walla Walla.

How do you connect with the Walla Walla community?
I'm involved in Bilingual United, which is a partnership with different public schools in town where Whitman works with public school students. I worked with third graders. Once a week I either assist the teacher with class activities or take children individually and read with them in Spanish. It helped with their test scores.

Have you had an internship or campus job?
Yes! I work at the Reid Campus Center information desk and I'm an Off-Campus Studies Intern. I am also a building manager at Glover Alston Center and a blogger for the communications department.

What's your go-to meal at Cleveland Commons?
It's like a huge market — there's so much to choose from! I like anything with noodles and salmon.

What do you want to do after Whitman?
I want to take a year or two off and do community-based research and work to earn some money. I'd like to pursue a graduate degree in international affairs at George Washington University.