The Whitman Sustainable Revolving Loan Fund (SRLF) is a $50,000 line of credit designated for campus improvements that significantly benefit Whitman's sustainability efforts by conserving resources and improving efficiency. All loans are expected to generate savings that result in a 100% payback within five to ten years. Approximately $10,000 is available each year. The SRLF will be replenished through the savings accrued from the implementation of the project. Proposals will be reviewed by the SRLF Proposal Review Committee. In conjunction with the SRLF Committee the Treasurer's Office and the Campus Sustainability Coordinator manage the project review process and the fund.

 Funding Evaluation Criteria

Your application will be evaluated based on its contribution to each of the following goals of the Fund:

 Reduction of Ecological Footprint:

Submissions should propose methods to reduce the ecological footprint of our campus through projects that will either a) change campus physical operations b) promote sustainable behavior among the campus community and/or c) raise awareness about sustainability.

 Increased Student Involvement:

Projects demonstrate a clear initiative to engage students. Student involvement opportunities include, but are not limited to: volunteerism, planning and project management, skills training, research, or leadership roles.

 Education and Outreach:

Projects demonstrate a clear contribution to educating others about sustainability. Education and outreach opportunities include, but are not limited to: course integration, knowledge sharing, outreach events and programs, campaigning, project demonstrations, project/research presentations and posters and independent studies.

 Long Term Feasibility:

Projects will demonstrate a clear plan for the project term from start to finish and identify opportunities for sustained operation by working closely with members of facilities, administration and/or faculty. Proposals demonstrate an awareness of long term needs to ensure a sustained impact of this project on campus physical operations, or individual behavior.

 Scope of Impact at Whitman:

Projects demonstrate a broad impact by integrating sustainable practices with increased student involvement and education. Proposals will assess the number of students impacted by the project as well as summarize quantifiable economic and environmental benefits. Means of measuring impact of the project must be identified and included in the application. 

Financial Viability: 

Given the nature of the Sustainability Revolving Loan Fund projects are expected to pay off monies awarded to a grantee. Within your project you should identify the projected repayment of your award. This may be done through cost avoidance (i.e. savings), or direct repayment.

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