ASWC Sustainability:

The Sustainability Director for the Associated Students of Whitman College coordinates all sustainability initiatives of ASWC. As part of there position the Sustainability Director appoints a Sustainability Committee. This committee advocates on behalf of students related to sustainability programs, policies and initiatives. To get involved with the ASWC Sustainability Committee contact the ASWC Sustainability Director today.  

ASWC Sustainability Director:

The Sustainability Director performs community outreach and advocates for greater sustainability on behalf of the student body. The Sustainability Director also holds one Sustainability Summit per semester. [Act SAS 15.3]

The Sustainability Director may be reached via email at This position is currently held by Ryan Garrett; you can find out information about the ASWC Sustainability Director here.

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ASWC Sustainability Directors: 

Dani Hupper (Fall 2014- Spring 2016)

Genean Wrisley (Fall 2017)

Ryan Garrett (Spring 2018)

ASWC Sustainability Committee Spring 2018: 

Ryan Garrett

Sarah Dunn 

Wil Kotnik

Thys Reynolds

Charlie Schneider

Vivian Voth 

Ashley Weibel 

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