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Freedom Songs is a racial justice themed concert created and organized by students in 2016. The concert event features a selection of songs by artists of color and zine that deal with issues of race, privilege, and different forms of oppression. Our goal with this event is threefold:

  1. To expand diversity in the music that is performed and heard on campus.
  2. To exchange perspectives, bringing people together with music and starting conversations about these topics beyond symposiums and classroom discussions.
  3. To empower minority voices by creating a space that expresses the experiences of marginalized identities on campus and in our society.

Mission Statement

Freedom Songs is an event that seeks to reflect upon the many forms of freedom, especially concerning race, for different groups, contexts, and individuals. We aim for an opportunity in which we can listen to stories that have gone untold, voice our desire for justice, and open conversation for the next step towards freedom as a more caring, compassionate community.

We also believe that freedom comes at a price-that the freedom we currently have is due in large part to the sacrifices of previous generations, and that the freedom we hope to see requires engagement and consequences on our part. Thus, Freedom Songs seeks to join gratitude for what we have with action for the freedom we desire. While empowering minorities and marginalized groups, we hope to engage our entire community in a thoughtful discussion of how we can effect real change in our immediate lives, our specific community at Whitman College and Walla Walla, and our collective future for America.

How can I get involved?

The concert takes place in the fall each year and there are several ways to get involved:

  • Join the 2020 Executive Team (Creative Director, Music Director, Zine Director, or Event Coordinator)
  • Perform in the Concert
    • More information about the Freedom Songs Concert and how to apply coming soon!
  • Submit to the Freedom Zine 
    • More information on the Freedom Zine and how to apply coming soon!
  • Volunteer for the day of the event
    • Ticket Collector
    • Stage Manager
    • Stagehand
    • Usher

For more information, contact Laura Sanchez, Director of the Intercultural Center,, 509-527-5711