What is Freedom Songs?

Freedom Songs LogoFreedom Songs is a program created and organized by students in 2016, that specifically looks at uplifting various forms of music and art to recognize the differences in our society. It consists of three parts; the Freedom Songs Concert, the Freedom Zine, and the Reflection Party. The program is specifically a racial justice event, in which we look at issues of race, privilege, and different forms of oppression that come alongside our differences in America. 

Freedom Songs 2021 Theme

Freedom Songs returned after a hiatus in 2020 due to COVID-19, with the theme “Pieces of Home”. The pandemic has broken our community apart, but now we are back and ready to share what we brought back from home. Freedom Songs 2021 is here to shine the spotlight on what you take pride in from your home, but to also illuminate the struggles that reappeared after our leave from campus.


For more information, contact diversity@whitman.edu any of the members of the current executive team.