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Resources for Admitted Students

Our team of Admission Officers selected you—and they’re invested in your future at Whitman.

As always, if you have any questions or need help, they’re just an email or phone call away. Reach out to them directly or contact the Office of Admission at admission@whitman.edu or 509-527-5176.

Academic & Disability Support

Whitman’s Academic Resource Center (ARC) is committed to helping students navigate academic needs, access resources and succeed in the classroom. 

Whitman’s Disability Support Services is also housed in the ARC. Please reach out to them if you have any questions about accommodations at Whitman College. Learn more about the ARC.

Belonging at Whitman

Come as you are—be who you’re meant to be! 

At Whitman, we recognize that some students identify differently than what is listed on their legal documents. Students who prefer a name other than their legal name can submit a preferred name change as long as the use of the different name is not for the purpose of misrepresentation. Learn how you can submit a preferred name change request.

Whitman College strives to create and sustain a campus environment that supports and values all members of our community. One aspect of creating a supportive environment is providing safe, accessible and convenient restroom facilities. Students should use the restroom facilities that correspond to their sex or gender identity, or utilize single-user facilities that are designated as a restroom or gender-inclusive restroom. You can find a list and/or a map of gender-inclusive restrooms on campus.

Current student Pan Deines ’26 shares their experience finding resources on campus that support them living their authentic self. Get more tips on college life on our multimedia blog Student Voices.

Financial Aid: We’re Here to Help!

Get answers to your questions by checking out our frequently asked questions regarding scholarships and aid. You can always contact our Office of Financial Aid with further questions at finaid@whitman.edu or 509-527-5178.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid. Our financial aid staff can walk you through the information on your offer letter and help answer any questions you have. Before contacting the Financial Aid Office, we recommend reviewing your financial aid forms to ensure that all of the information on your forms was correct as of the day you submitted them.

Due to changes to the FAFSA for the 2024-25 academic year, Whitman will use the information on your CSS Profile to provide an initial aid offer that includes information about the total amount of scholarship and grants, student loans, and on-campus employment that will be available to you. Once you decide to enroll at Whitman, we will use the information on your FAFSA to update your financial aid offer so that it includes specific information about any federal or state aid you are eligible for as part of your aid offer. For example, if you qualify for a Federal Pell Grant or a Washington College Grant, those amounts will be a component of the total need-based scholarship and grants offered on your initial offer, with Whitman need-based scholarship covering the remainder. You can rest assured that the only thing that will change in your financial aid offer will be the specific makeup of your aid, not the bottom line amounts.

Once we have updated your aid offer to provide more detailed information about federal or state aid you are eligible for as part of your aid offer, we will provide information about how you can accept or reject student loans and on-campus employment included in your aid offer. We automatically assume you will want to accept any scholarships and grants included in your aid offer and do not require you to take any additional action to accept scholarships and grants when you enroll.

Yes. If you determine that you need your loans after previously rejecting them, you can request your loans be reinstated by contacting our office. If you decide that the amount you've borrowed in loans for the year is beyond what you actually need to cover your expenses, we can reduce your loans, or we can return the full amount if you decide to reject them.

Congratulations! Please notify us about any outside scholarships as soon as you know about them so that we can ensure that your financial aid includes them and your student account balance reflects them.

Outside scholarships will not reduce your Whitman scholarship unless your total amount of scholarships exceeds the cost of attendance at Whitman, but outside scholarships may affect your eligibility for subsidized need-based aid from the federal government, like the Federal Direct Subsidized Loan and work-study.

If your scholarships reduce your eligibility for these awards, a financial aid officer will contact you. In some cases, this may mean that you go from being work-study eligible to being a regular student employee, or that some of your subsidized loan has to be converted to unsubsidized loan.

We do not factor in your use of work-study in previous semesters or years when we determine your eligibility for work-study. Work-study is awarded based on your family's demonstrated financial need. If you have remaining financial need after being awarded other forms of financial aid, like Whitman scholarships, you will be eligible for work-study, regardless of whether you used your work-study award in previous years.

If you are a first-time borrower of Direct Loans, you will need to complete Entrance Counseling and the Master Promissory Note for your loans. You'll find more information about these requirements on the Federal Student Aid's Loans page.

Finding a Job & Other Career Opportunities

The Career and Community Engagement Center (CCEC) at Whitman is full of staff who are happy to discuss your goals, review resumes and applications, help you get connected to the community, prepare you for an interview, and much more.

Did you know? As a Whitman student, you’ll have your own career coach! You’ll learn more about this in the coming months.

Aren’t sure what your future looks like? That’s OK! The CCEC has plenty of resources to help you explore various career fields and connect with our strong and active alumni network.

If you have any questions contact the CCEC at ccec_info@whitman.edu, 509-527-5183, or stop by the center on the top floor of the Reid Campus Center during your next campus visit.

Residence Life

We are so excited to welcome you to your new home and will be here to help you move into your residence hall. Be sure to fill out your Housing Preferences Questionnaire in your applicant portal. That will help us find you a great room and roommate! Explore our first-year residence halls. 

If you need accommodations please email Residence Life or call us at 509-527-5297. You can also find information on our Residence Life & Housing FAQs page before arriving on campus.

Health Services

Welty Student Health Center

Professional nurses and medical providers are available to see students on campus for their health care needs. Emergency and urgent care are also available nearby. Learn more about the Welty Student Health Center.

Whitman Counseling Center

Counseling Services are offered to students as part of the support provided through Student Affairs. The Whitman College Counseling Center provides free, confidential services for enrolled students, including individual and group counseling, emergency psychological services and other mental health and wellness programming. Learn more about the Whitman Counseling Center.

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