Whitman College offers on-line placement tests in calculus, chemistry and foreign languages. If you intend to register for a class in any of these subjects, please take the on-line placement test prior to selecting a course. Each placement test is briefly described below.

CALCULUS In order to help you decide which calculus course you should register for (Math 125/Calculus I, Math 126/Calculus II, or Math 225/Calculus III), please take the calculus placement test.

CHEMISTRY The General Chemistry Placement Test for 2017 will be available on August 1st.

FOREIGN LANGUAGES If you have previously studied a foreign language in high school, college or elsewhere, and would like to continue studying it at Whitman, you must take a placement test before enrolling in a course of that foreign language. Chinese, Japanese and Classics (Latin) do not offer placement tests. Instead, they provide information regarding what you must know in order to enroll. Simply click on the guidelines and review the lists of required knowledge to determine your appropriate course level.

French, German and Spanish French, German and Spanish offer centralized online placement tests. These tests require you to logon using information you received in the mailing that directed you to this website. On completion of each placement test, you will be told (on-line) the course in which you should enroll.